Pinjar is a large (300Ha+) area that is open to motorcycles and quads of all engine capacities. You don’t need a road-registered bike, or a drivers’ licence to ride at Pinjar, but if your bike is not road registered you must have Off Road Vehicle registration (available from DPI) and you must wear a helmet. The area is under the control of the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation & Attractions (DBCA) and consists of pine plantations and open cleared scrubland. The area has undergone extensive redevelopment and there are now several signed and surfaced one-way trails. View Pinjar in a larger map
Location:Entrance from Orchid Rd off Wesco Rd  Pinjar.
Size:314 Ha
Opening Hours:Open every day of the year, except during Total Fire Bans
Terrain:Some trails are surfaced with clay or limestone, others are natural sand.  East of Orchid Rd is designated a ‘Family Zone’; West of Orchid Rd is for intermediate / advanced riders.
Trails:PeeWee Trail: Developed in 2010 for Juniors. Excellent clay surface, but vulnerable to damage so please – no full size bikes or quads, 1.3kmFamily Trail: Developed in 2010 for novice / intermediate riders.  New clay surface (completed October 2013) * North Loop: Developed in 2011 for high intermediate – expert riders.  Sand surface, 4km * South LoopDeveloped in 2011 for high intermediate – expert riders.  Sand surface, 4.3km Short & Curly: Redeveloped in 2014 as a practice MX circuit for low intermediate – advanced riders.  Clay surface, 1.5km. 
Condition:Excellent facilities for families and young riders.  Intermediate and advanced trails are graded regularly but have exposed roots and lots of whoops.  The entire area is rated as very good – and improving progressively
Permitted Vehicles:Motorcycles and quad bikes of all engine capacities
Land Manager:Department of Biodiversity, Conservation & Attractions (DBCA)
Facilities:Two car parks.  One with good viewing of Pee Wee trail and access to Family Trail, the other provides access to the North Loop and Short n Curly trails. Toilets – situated in the family carpark. Go-Kart track opposite Wattle Ave serves food and drink