Off Road Vehicle Areas

Excluding competition events there are currently very few legal riding opportunities available to unregistered bikes and quads and those that are available are in a poor state.

However, on a positive note WA is the only state in Australia that allows unlicensed riders and non-road registered bikes to ride in specially designated legal off-road vehicle areas of which there are currently 5 in the state. 

The designated Off Road Vehicle areas are:

To ride in the designated Off Road Vehicle areas your bike needs to have Off-Road Vehicle registration (if not road registered).


RTRA’s view is

  • we need more off-road vehicle areas, particularly in the southern suburbs and hills – the State Government and Local Governments need to work together to make suitable land available and
  • the existing off-road vehicle areas need to be re-developed with networks of trails, some trails hardened for juniors and novices, they need to be maintained and actively managed. 

See Projects: Trails and Areas for more information on RTRA Projects regarding Off-Road Vehicle Areas and what you can do to help.