Advocacy Projects

This is the main reason why RTRA was established – to be able to say to the government “There are a lot more trail bike riders out there than you think – and it’s about time our needs were heard”.

Our current Advocacy Campaigns are:

Key achievements:

  • Meetings with Minister for Local Government, Minister for Sport and Recreation, Chief of Staff for Environment and several Members of Parliament to brief them on the issues and seek their support.
  • Furthered the campaign to bring trail bikes into the overall trails community via presentations at State Trails Conference and Department of Environment’s Annual Parks & Visitor Services Conference
  • Played a significant role in re-energising the government’s Off Road Vehicle Advisory Committee
  • Met with a number of Local Governments to brief them on trail bike needs and solutions
  • Successful campaign leveraging local council elections to secure the support of local councilors.
  • The State Trail Bike Strategy has now been fully costed and is with Government
  • Secured sympathetic media coverage for riders over the issue of vigilante groups setting traps in the Mundaring area, and met with the CEO of various Shires over the issue. RTRA now has a positive working relationship with this local authorities.

Future Projects

  • With the State Trail Bike Strategy and costings likely to be presented to Cabinet soon we are anticipating a major lobbying campaign to ensure that the Strategy gets fully funded and is not watered down.
  • We will continue to push for the full integration of trail bikes into the overall trails community so that trail bike riders are recognised as being legitimate users of trails, along with the other groups such as walkers and mountain bike riders.
  • We will continue our dialogue with key Ministers and local MPs.
  • Follow up and strengthening of relationships with Local Government executives and councilors.
  • Water Source Protection Policy review – RTRA submission argues for the opening up of access to some of the excellent hills areas that are currently off-limits.
  • Push to have trail bike trails qualify for funding under Lotterywest Trails Grants
  • Rider Licencing Review – RTRA will be arguing the case for greater opportunities for young riders to gain valuable experience under parental supervision.