Where Can I Ride?

Important note: This list is prepared from a variety of sources and may not be current. It is important that you make your own enquiries as to the legality and safety of any areas you plan on riding. No responsibility is accepted by the RTRA for any consequences arising from reliance on this information.

The first thing you need to know is that the type of bike you ride, and the bike registration and riders’ license you have determines where you can legally ride.  See below for a brief explanation, then check each section for more detail.

Public Trails & Riding Areas

To ride on public land and trails you need a road registered bike and a riders’ license.   More

Off Road Vehicle Areas

WA is the only state in Australia that allows unlicensed riders and non-road registered bikes to ride in specially designated legal off-road vehicle areas of which there are currently 5 in the state.  More

Commercial Ride Parks

There are now a number of commercial ride parks where you can ride in a purpose-built, managed and maintained facility.  Because these parks are on private property they are family-friendly and you don’t need registration or a licence to ride there.  More…

Clubs and Ride Groups

There are a number of recreational clubs and informal groups that get together for rides which means you don’t need to ride alone.  More


There are a number of clubs that hold recreational (non-competitive events) and ‘Come and Try’ days.  More 


Junior riders are legally permitted to ride in any of the gazetted Off Road Vehicle Areas, on private property or in events. More

Don't ride alone - join an informal ride group.