Junior riders are legally permitted to ride in any of the gazetted Off Road Vehicle Areas or on private land with the owner’s permission.

Junior riders can also compete in Motocross Events (and practice days) at several Motocross tracks, including Wanneroo and Chidlow Junior MX.

Motorcycling WA now runs a series of Minikhana events which are great fun for kids and provide excellent vehicle control skills training.  

The Offroad Riding Club of WA organises an excellent junior program with a series of events such as Short Course Enduros, Natural Terrain Motocross and Cross Country interspersed with skills coaching days. There is also a ‘trail class’ in most events for those who don’t want the pressure of competition. 


RTRA is committed towards the pursuit of better options for kids, particularly for family-oriented destination trail riding.   We are lobbying to have the current ORV areas improved, particularly by having the trails hardened to make it easier for smaller bikes.  We are working with the government to identify more off-road vehicle areas particularly in the southern suburbs and the Perth Hills.  And ideally we would like to see some trail networks gazetted under the Act to allow for unregistered bikes and unlicensed riders to ride the trails with adult supervision.  See our range of Family Riding Projects.