Basic Wilderness First Aid for Trail Bike Riders 

A First Aid Course specifically for Trail Bike Riders.

We often ride in places that are remote, 
out of phone range, inaccessible to an ambulance
 and sometimes not even accessible to a chopper.  If things go pear-shaped out there at least someone in the 
group needs to have the basic training to assess an injury and provide extended care for an injured rider until trained help arrives.

Wilderness First Aid Consultants, a nationally accredited First Aid Training Organisation has worked with Trail Bike Management to modify their Basic Wilderness First Aid Course to suit the specific types of injuries and circumstances most likely to be encountered by trail bike riders.

Content of this intensive two-day course includes:

  • Critical first steps in dealing with an injured rider
  • Evaluating the severity of injuries
  • Patient care and management in circumstances where medical help might be hours away
  • Preparing an injured rider for evacuation
  • How to make bandages and splints from materials most riders will have on hand
  • How to select, stock and manage a ride medical and survival kit
  • Dealing with minor cuts, bites, burns, sprains and strains

The course is designed especially for Ride Leaders, including people who lead groups of family and friends. It is highly interactive, with lots of role-play scenarios so participants can practice the techniques being taught.

On successful completion participants will receive a Certificate in Basic Wilderness First Aid which satisfies the First Aid Requirements of the Adventure Activity Standards for Trail Bike Touring.

More importantly, you’ll have the confidence to know that you’re better prepared if an accident should happen on a ride.

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