Trail bike riders need better, safer and more areas to ride!

The Recreational Trailbike Riders Association of WA (RTRA) has been formed to represent your interests as a responsible recreational trail bike rider

Even if you are beginner, there is a ride for everyone!

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About RTRA

Competitive riders have for many years enjoyed representation through various clubs and through Motorcycling WA. This representation has enabled the sport to attract funding through the Department of Sport and Recreation, Healthways, and other bodies.

Riding in WA

Learn all about the riding scene here in Western Australia

Our Projects

RTRA has identified a series of projects to work towards the objective of protecting and extending quality riding opportunities in Western Australia.

You can keep up to date with the progress on these projects here.

This is the main reason why RTRA was established – to be able to say to the government “There are a lot more trail bike riders out there than you think – and it’s about time our needs were heard”. Learn more about our campaign here.

One of our objectives is to protect and extend quality, safer off-road riding opportunities for Western Australian recreational trail bike riders of all ages. Read more about it here.

The current regulations only allow unregistered bikes or unlicensed riders to ride within the off-road vehicle areas.  This means that family riding which includes juniors, cannot be undertaken on trails where most of the best riding conditions exist.

We often ride in places that are remote, out of phone range, inaccessible to an ambulance and sometimes not even accessible to a chopper. If things go pear-shaped out there at least someone in the group needs to have the basic training to assess an injury and provide extended care for an injured rider until trained help arrives.

Looking for places to ride?

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