Ranger Incident Reports

We are asking anyone who has been stopped by a Ranger or tracked down and contacted by a Ranger to report the incident to the RTRA using this online form.

In particular we want to know where and when these incidents occur, the agency being represented and the law or regulation referred to as being contravened. We’re also interested in knowing the attitude of the Ranger (eg helpful, hardline, agressive etc) and what the outcome of the incident was.

By collecting this data we can monitor the information being provided by Rangers and the actions they are taking on an area by area basis.

This will help us to alert members to areas being targeted for enforcement, strengthen relationships with departments such as DEC and Water Corporation, positively influence policy and help ensure that Rangers are providing correct information to riders.

It must be stressed that this is not a move to prevent enforcement of the law, nor does it suggest that there is anything wrong with Rangers doing their jobs. It is purely about getting a better understanding about what is going on out there so we can have a more effective dialogue with the relevant agencies and work towards more sustainable long term solutions.

You can find the Ranger Incident Report form here