Trails and Areas

One of our objectives is for safe legal trail riding opportunities for recreational trail bike riders of all ages.

There are always a number of projects on the go relating to improving current areas or getting new areas and trails developed.

  • Off road vehicle areas – existing
    • Pinjar
    • York
    • Lancelin and Ledge Point
    • Gnangara
    • Kwinana
    • Metro Road – RTRA is working with authorities as this is out of water catchment and has some good riding and trails.  A Master Plan for the Metro Road (Flint Block) area has been developed and authorities send people to this area making it a great weekend out.  Keep noise down near the farm house along the fence and check out the link for some maps and latest.
  • DLGSC Offroad Vehicle Guides – Off- road vehicle land planning – RTRA participate in the State Governement Offroad Vehicle Committee as a stakeholder. Some great initiatives like Ride Parks Australia where local clubs open up(win) and you can ride a groomed track(win) for minimal fees.  DLGSC have created some guidance for riders which is available here:
  • Manjimup Trails Hub – the RTRA is assisting the Shire of Manjimup and have secured funding for the next stage for Manjimup to become Australia’s first ever trail bike trails hub. Full project details are available from the Shire of Manjimup.
  • Swan Collie Land Use Planning Study has identified several areas  in conjunction with RTRA and DBCA (Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions) to progress areas  in state forest for various user segments.  If people were to go riding these would be good areas to choose according to the experts.
  • Peel Trails Masterplan – RTRA and local ride groups were involved in consultation on the regional trails masterplan which identifies trailbikes as the second largest user group and “Jarrahdale State Forest and Myalup State Forest ( as well as Captain Fawcett track for registered bikes in Lane Poole) as the highest priority significant locations in the region.  – These are the most sanctioned trails in the Peel region.
  • Shire of Collie Trails Plan – turning old mining areas into riding and the tourism and economic development that comes with it.  Page 112 to 119 have the Good bits but summary is available HERE:
  • Some exciting works in the pipeline and with rider support we can get political support – band together for strength in numbers.
  • East Keralup has been earmarked as a potential ride area south metro and feso reports are available here and here