Trails and Areas

One of our objectives is to protect and extend quality, safer off-road riding opportunities for Western Australian recreational trail bike riders of all ages.

There are always a number of projects on the go relating to improving current areas or getting new areas and trails developed.

  • Manjimup Trails Hub – the RTRA is assisting the Shire of Manjimup in their exploration of the potential for Manjimup to become Australia’s first ever trail bike trails hub. Full project details are available from the Shire of Manjimup.
  • Metro Road Master Plan – following the success of the Pilot Trail, the RTRA is working with Parks and Wildlife on the development of a Master Plan for the Metro Road (Flint Block) area.
  • Off- road vehicle land planning – RTRA participated as a stakeholder in the Department of Environment’s Swan – Collie Land Use Planning Study to identify potential trails and areas for various user segments.
  • Off road vehicle areas – existing