The Kwinana Off Road Vehicle Area is in Thomas Rd Medina, just before the Rockingham Rd intersection.

It is a busy area similar to Gnangara.  Full planning has been done and costed with Kids tracks and other amenities, check out the planning here: . It was ‘Temporarily’ closed in July 06 at the request of Kwinana Council, but the area was re-opened July 1 2008 thanks to strong lobbying from the RTRA.

The area is small, only about 20Ha in size and is mainly sandy terrain with limestone caprock.

As there are no fences around the gazetted area, many riders are not aware of the boundaries of the area. Area Boundary signage was installed when the area was re-opened in August last year, but unfortunately this signage was removed or destroyed with a matter of weeks.

Rangers and Police are now targeting anyone found riding outside the boundary, so it is worthwhile ensuring you know what is legal and what isn’t.

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Location:Thomas Rd Medina (Kwinana)
Size:20 Ha
Opening Hours: Open every day of the year, except during Total Fire Bans
Cost: Free
Terrain:Sand and limestone caprock
Permitted Vehicles:Motorcycles and quad bikes of all engine capacities.
Land Manager:Town of Kwinana
 Precautions:Many crossing trails, riders entering car park at speed, protruding caprock.


Current status –

  • Management plans for the area have been developed and funding is being sought to develop proper trails and facilities.


Kwinana is the only gazetted Off Road Vehicle south of Gnangara and is hopelessly small for the catchment it serves.  However it is important to have it until a larger facility can be identified and developed, and thereafter it should serve as a local area.

It would be helpful if the Town of Kwinana would view the area as a necessary facility to serve the recreational needs of the area.  RTRA has been assisting the Town of Kwinana by trying to secure funding.


Kwinana Projects
ORV Registration
Area Guide (PDF)
Incident Reporting Form