Conceived in a monoculture forest to minimise environmental impact Gnangara is well placed, and has had recent carpark upgrades but is very sandy and needs some TLC.  

Plans include grassed areas, facilities etc) but lack of maintenance and filthy grub rubbish dumping has resulted in an unsatisfactory and potentially dangerous riding experience.  Be careful as there could be anything.

Management Plans were developed for this area some years ago, but to date the focus has been placed on the nearby Pinjar area which provides a better quality, safer riding experience.

Location:Gnangara Rd Lexia, just west of the Beechboro Road intersection.
Size:350 Ha
Opening Hours: Open every day of the year, except during Total Fire Bans 
Cost: Free
Terrain:Sand – mainly soft and whooped out
Trails:Lexia Loop – 8km sand trail developed late 2011 
Condition:Very Poor
Permitted Vehicles:Motorcycles and quad bikes of all engine capacities
Land Manager: Department of Parks and Wildlife
Current status –
  • The first project in what we hope will be an ongoing redevelopment has been completed.  ‘Lexia Loop’ is a 8km sand trail that starts and finishes in the first cleared block north of the pine plantation.
  • The Department of Parks and Wildlife has endorsed Management Guidelines for the area.  This plan recommends the development of a series of zones and one way trail networks, proper delineation of the area and facilities.  The Department is reviewing funding options.
  • Currently the area is busy, unmanaged, no delineation of area boundaries and terrain is sandy and difficult for small wheeled bikes.


Gnangara has the potential to be an excellent off-road vehicle area but 30 years of neglect has caused serious issues and made it an unattractive area for trail bike riders. 

We support DPaW’s plans to re-develop the area.  RTRA will then assist by supporting and managing a volunteer “Friends of Gnangara” group.

Gnangara Projects
ORV Registration

FPC Gnangara Fact Sheet