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Steve Pretzel Signs Off


RTRA founder and first President, Steve Pretzel, last week announced he had "signed off" as President 

Here are his words from a special email sent to all members:

"It's coming up to twelve years since that first fateful meeting in South Perth where the State Managers of each of the major manufacturers discussed the need for an advocacy organisation to fight for the rights of trail bike riders and to prevent the closure of logging trails in the south west.

The RTRA has come a long way since then. We've had some major successes - preventing the closure of the Lancelin and Kwinana Off Road Vehicle Areas, the redevelopment of the Pinjar Motorcycle Area and many other minor and major wins. Perhaps the most exciting: last Friday the Manjimup Shire voted in favour of the Manjimup Trail Bike Trail Hub project. This is the culmination of many years of patient but persistent work.

We now have a new government to deal with, meaning new relationships to build and new opportunities to explore.

It's the right time for the RTRA to have new leadership.

At a special committee meeting last week I announced my intention to step aside, and Xander Kabat was elected to the Presidency unopposed.

I am delighted with this outcome. Xander is intelligent, well credentialed, articulate, pro-active and above all passionate. Many of you will already know Xander as a partner in Overlander Adventure Equipment - a business Xander and his wife Tam started and which has become Perth's go-to place for adventure riding gear and advice.

My involvement in the RTRA won't cease of course. I'll be remaining on the committee in the role of Treasurer - and in doing so I would like to thank and acknowledge the role that Henry Van Es has played over the past five years.

Valerie Pretzel will remain in the role of Secretary and Government liaison and there are other portfolio changes with committee members stepping up - but I'll leave it to Xander to outline those changes to you over the next few days.

I can't begin to express how rewarding the past twelve years has been for me personally. Seeing the seed of an idea take shape, then flourish and achieve major things for our fellow riders and particularly their children, has been a highlight of my life.

Of course the RTRA has always been a team effort and my heartfelt thanks go out to all the members and committee members over the years who have made the work of the RTRA possible.

I wish every success to Xander and his new team and I can't wait to see where the RTRA evolves to from here."

The RTRA Committee speaking on behalf of all RTRA members since inception thanks Steve for his enormous contribution to the betterment of trail bike riding in WA. Steve's passion, commitment, unfailing energy and advocacy skills has been second to none and the RTRA is well positioned to continue to make improvements on behalf of all riders.

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