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eNewsletter Archive

Overlander AE


Southern Darling Region Recreation Strategy


A project of great significance for trail bike riders is underway. Prompted by the decision of the former government to close Logue Brook dam to recreation (since overturned by the Barnett government), the Southern Darling Region Recreation Strategy is examining all forms of sport and recreation in an area of the hills roughly from Perth to Dwellingup.

Mike Wood, Chairperson of the Bibbulmun Track Foundation and the WA Recreation Sports’ and Tourism Alliance (WARSTA) said that this study “could be one of the most critical studies of recreation activity undertaken in WA in the past 20 years. If the outdoor recreation industry wants to secure its future in the forested areas of the south west it needs information about current and projected recreational use, to meet the arguments from those that see all recreation as an unacceptable threat to water catchments. I encourage all recreation groups to get involved in this study”

Do we as trail bike riders want to secure our future in the forested areas of the south west? Too bloody right!!

One of the first projects is to map recreational activity in the region. Consultants, Resolve Global, have been awarded the contract to collect data about where recreation occurs and they have asked for our assistance in providing information about recreational and event-based trail riding:

"We are seeking information from people who have a good knowledge of where and when your group recreates. We are digitally mapping this information using Google Earth tools, however the information will not be made public through this application. A general report will be written at a later stage and the information will contribute to the development of a recreation strategy document."

It is important to stress that the consultants are interested in all riding, irrespective of whether that riding is in authorised places or not, and irrespective of whether that riding is registered / licenced or not. The information will not be passed on or used to stop people riding in the places they nominate.

Resolve Global will accept .gpx or .kml files, scanned maps or any other way you can describe where and when you ride.

This is the best opportunity we have had in decades - perhaps ever - to demonstrate just how wide-spread the activity of trail bike riding actually is in WA so our needs can be properly taken into account in recreational planning. Combining our data with other recreational activities will also give the Darling Range Region Recreation Strategy the ammunition it needs to stimulate a properly informed debate about managed access to water catchment areas as an alternative to the current policy of total exclusion.

You can provide any information to the RTRA and we will pass it on anonymously to the project consultants, or if you prefer you can send information directly to Michael Hughes from Resolve Global at

The potential gains from this project are significant, but if we don't act now and contribute to this study we will only have ourselves to blame if the needs of trail bike riders are ignored.

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