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Crunch Time for the RTRA


Dear Member, 

The RTRA has now been working in the interests of trail bike riders and their families for over ten years.
Because of the RTRA:
  • You can ride with your kids and enjoy quality trails at the Pinjar Motorcycle Area –  the only free, public riding area of its type in Australia.
  • You can still ride a mini, motocross bike, quad or buggy at Lancelin
  • You can still ride a mini, motocross bike or quad at the Medina Off Road Vehicle Area
  • Your needs have been heard and understood by local and state government
  • Trail bike riders have been recognised as a legitimate class of trail user and trail bike riding has at last been included in the State Trails Strategy
  • The potential for Metro Road to be developed as a large-scale regional trail riding facility has been recognised
  • Plans to develop Manjimup as a trail bike trail town are progressing with enthusiasm from Manjimup Council and other stakeholders.
Make no mistake, none of these things would have been possible without the lobbying and intervention of the RTRA.
This year the RTRA is facing big changes.  Founding President, Steve Pretzel, stepped down in 2017 following his appointment as CEO of TADWA.  After relinquishing the role of President Steve took on the role of Treasurer on a temporary basis but will not be seeking re-election at the next AGM.

Founding Secretary, Valerie Pretzel, resigned from the Committee in July this year for personal reasons.

Steve and Valerie were the driving force behind the RTRA for over a decade and their contribution to trail bike riding in Western Australia is very significant.

But there is still work to be done and opportunities to pursue. It’s time for a new generation of riders to step up and drive the RTRA forward.

At this year’s AGM we will be looking for ‘new blood’ for the RTRA Committee. People who believe in what the RTRA is trying to do for riders now and into the future. People who would rather get involved and make things happen than just sit on the sidelines watching.

There are some key roles we will need to fill:
  • Treasurer – ideally someone with a bookkeeping or financial background who is familiar with the Xero accounting system.
  • Secretary – to coordinate meeting minutes and the small amount of correspondence, and who can also liaise with the other committee members to keep things rolling.
  • Membership Coordinator – to redevelop a membership database and processing system
  • Communications Coordinator – to manage the redevelopment of the RTRA web site, ongoing social media and publicity requirements
  • Advocacy Coordinator – with a sound understanding of the issues, the willingness to participate in consultations, and the skills, experience and demeanour to engage successfully with senior government executives and politicians.
In addition to these core positions, there are opportunities to help re-shape and extend the RTRA in the areas of member services, events, fund-raising and industry liaison.
This is a new era for the RTRA and the incoming team will be able to build an expanded and exciting association on the foundations that have been laid over the past decade.
Notice of the AGM will be going out at the end of October, but we are inviting Expressions of Interest for any of the above Committee positions as of now.
If you would like to be a part of the RTRA’s new future and to shape a new vision for your Association, and if you feel you have the time, energy and skills to make a contribution, please step forward.
Just send an email to Brett Grandin – – indicating your area of interest and we will follow up.
The RTRA has achieved much for riders over the past ten years – now it’s time for a new generation to take it forward into the next exciting phase.


Brett Grandin

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