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eNewsletter Archive



2012 News

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Pilot Trail Survey - Your Feedback Needed 28-Dec-2012

The Pilot Trail Project is all about learning. Learning how to build and maintain a sustainable trai..

Pinjar Western Carpark Now Open 28-Dec-2012

The new western car park to service the Intermediate / Advanced precinct at Pinjar is now comple..

ABS Data Shows Drop in Trail Bike Riding (Maybe!) 27-Dec-2012

Did you know that the Australian Bureau of Statistics now records the number of people who claim to ..

LAMS effective from 14 January  08-Dec-2012

The Department of Transport has announced that the Learned Approved Motorcycle Scheme (LAMS..

Enduro Calendar 2013 05-Dec-2012

Motorcycling WA has released the Enduro calendar for 2013. Highlight of the year is the Austral..

Trails Grant Approved! 02-Dec-2012

It's taken over five years of patient and persistent lobbying, but we have finally been advised ..

Works complete on Metro Road Pilot Trail 02-Dec-2012

The Pilot Trail construction work is now complete. Some water bars have been created, some (not..

Camillo Community Meeting 01-Dec-2012

The RTRA was invited by Tony Buti MLA, Member for Armadale, to address a meeting of concerned re..

Pinjar Western Carpark construction 28-Nov-2012

Construction has commenced for the western car park to service the intermediate / advanced preci..

Metro Road Conservation Park 15-Nov-2012

DEC has provided details of the Proposed Conservation Park in the Metro Road area off Brookton H..

RTRA Now on Facebook 14-Sep-2012

Our new Facebook page will help spread the word and make it easier for many of our members to en..

Roger Cook MLA visits Kwinana 10-Sep-2012

Roger Cook MLA, Member for Kwinana, visited the Kwinana Off Road Vehicle area on the weekend. T..

Off Road Motorcycle Industry Forum 22-Aug-2012

The first meeting of the RTRA / MTA Off Road Motorcycle Industry Forum was held on Tuesday, Sept..

Government to Intervene on ATV Safety? 05-Aug-2012

The Federal Government is poised to make roll-over protection (ROP) on ATVs mandatory. Workplac..

Karratha Project Gains Momentum 05-Aug-2012

Around 30 riders and residents attended a public meeting to discuss trail and quad bike issues in Ka..

Learner Approved Motorcycles Scheme 05-Aug-2012

The new Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme (LAMS) came into effect in Western Australia at the e..

Pilot Trail Bike Trail Project Update 05-Aug-2012

Signage for the Pilot Trail Bike Trail has now been produced and will be installed next week, coinci..

West Coast Safaris Ride - July 7 08-Jul-2012

The RTRA / West Coast Safaris 1 Day "Hills & Thrills" ride on July 7 delivered a great day o..

Commercial Ride Parks Section 01-Jul-2012

Looking for new places to ride that are family friendly, well maintained and legal? Check out ..

National Trials Championships 01-Jul-2012

This year’s Australian MotoTrials Championships are being held in Pinjarra on the 1st and ..

RTRA to Present at NOHVCC Conference in USA 01-Jul-2012

RTRA President, Steve Pretzel, has been invited to present an ‘Update from Down Under&rsqu..

Storm Debris = New Hazards 01-Jul-2012

The recent cyclone-force winds in the South West have created an incredible amount of damage in ..

Theft Delays Pilot Trail 01-Jul-2012

In an appalling case of ‘biting the hand that feeds you’ a trail bike rider at Metro..

Toxic Chemicals Dumped at Pinjar 09-Jun-2012

Amongst other rubbish dumped recently at Pinjar was six drums of toxic chemicals. Initial testi..

DEC Leaders Marvel at Pinjar 31-May-2012

The Pinjar Off Road Vehicle Area played host to some of DEC's most senior Parks and Visitors sta..

Karratha Study May Create Opportunities 31-May-2012

The Shire of Roebourne has commissioned a study into trail and quad bike riding and facilit..

Major Upgrade for York 31-May-2012

York Shire has thrown down the challenge to other local government authorities with a major upgr..

Pinjar Update - PeeWee, North Loop trails re-opened 09-May-2012

Work is now complete on the resurfacing of the PeeWee Trail and the re-alignment of the North Lo..

Lotterywest Trails Grant under consideration 01-May-2012

We're waiting to hear from Lotterywest following our recent WA Trails Grants application. Th..

Trail Counters installed at Metro Road 01-May-2012

Two trail counters have been installed on the Pilot Trail Bike Trail at Metro Road in preparatio..

West Coast Safaris RTRA Rides 01-May-2012

Back by popular demand - RTRA special rides with West Coast Safaris. This year we have arran..

Pinjar Update: PeeWee trail closed for resurfacing 26-Apr-2012

The resurfacing of the PeeWee trail should be complete by May 5. The new clay surface is down a..

The Sound of Silence 10-Apr-2012

RTRA Committee member, David Bylund is one of the first people in WA to hit the trails on the Au..

Pinjar Fire closes North Loop 04-Apr-2012

The North Loop trail at Pinjar will be closed for a few weeks as the result of a fire in the are..

Bushland News Features RTRA 01-Apr-2012

The strengthening relationship between DEC and the RTRA is is the cover story of the Autumn edit..

Pilot Trail Bike Trail Construction Underway 01-Apr-2012

After various delays construction work has begun on the Pilot Trail Bike Trail. A one kilometre ..

Pinjar Volunteer Coordinator Required 01-Apr-2012

We need a volunteer coordinator for the Friends of Pinjar group. The role will be to coordinate ..

Project Officer for RTRA 01-Apr-2012

We're delighted to announce the appointment of Melanie Andrew as Projects Officer for the RTRA, ..

RTRA Turns 5! 01-Apr-2012

On March 27 the RTRA achieved a significant milestone - 5 years since incorporation as an Associ..

Big Increases in Water Catchment Fines 25-Feb-2012

One of the implications of the Department of Water's newly released Policy 13 on recreational access..

Liking Laps on Lexia Loop 25-Feb-2012

We've had positive feedback about Lexia Loop - the new 8km trail at Gnangara. Completed ju..

Meeting with BCORMA 25-Feb-2012

RTRA President Steve Pretzel recently met with the Executive Director of the British Columb..

'No Fault' Insurance for WA? 25-Feb-2012

The Insurance Commission of WA is likely to come under increasing pressure to introduce 'no faul..

RTRA Engaged in planning for new Recreation Areas 25-Feb-2012

If more enforcement and bigger fines are the stick, the carrot is an offer from the Department of Wa..

MWA Events Calendar 2012 Released 29-Jan-2012

Motorcycling WA has released the 2012 Events Calendar (/_literature_108987/MWA_Events_Calendar_2..