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2010 News

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Pinjar Trails Now Open 25-Dec-2010

The new 'Family' Trail and 'PeeWee' Trail at Pinjar are now open for riding. This week DEC fini..

Incident Reporting Form 22-Dec-2010

The RTRA has been developing positive relationships with land managers across Western Australia...

Lancelin Defence Area Clarification 11-Dec-2010

We've received a clarification from the Department of Defence to advise that the beach area adjacent..

Battle for the Blackwood 01-Dec-2010

The RTRA has met with DEC to better understand the concerns in the Blackwood area. Illegal camp..

Canadian Study Shows Health Benefits 01-Dec-2010

Anyone who rides a dirt bike or ATV will know that it requires physical exertion. And we all know th..

York Track Gets an Upgrade 01-Dec-2010

The Off Road Vehicle Area in York has had an upgrade thanks to York Council. As well as re-g..

Fires Delay Pinjar Development 28-Nov-2010

So close! Just days away from completing the PeeWee trail at Pinjar a series of fires and extreme fi..

Harvey Shire set to ban bikes on beaches 26-Nov-2010

The Shire of Harvey has signalled its intention to ban all motorcycles and quad bikes from the Myalu..

Lancelin - Cervantes Trail Under Threat 17-Nov-2010

The popular Lancelin to Cervantes trail could be a thing of the past, with the Department of Defence..

Pinjar Progress Report 10-Nov-2010

Good and bad news from Pinjar. This week the work started on grading and rolling the trail surface, ..

Blackwood at Risk 01-Nov-2010

Opposition to trail bikes in the Blackwood Valley is mounting and DEC is responding to heat from res..

Safety Tip - Adjust for the Dust 01-Nov-2010

With summer just about here (and summer riding conditions already here!) it's time to adjust to the ..

State Trail Bike Strategy - Time to Pick up the Pens! 25-Oct-2010

Last month we alerted you to the fact that the State Trail Bike Strategy would soon be going to C..

Water Catchment - No to Access, Yes to Bigger Fines 01-Oct-2010

The long-awaited Parliamentary Committee Inquiry into recreation in water catchment areas has re..

Special Offer from Trailzone Magazine 24-Sep-2010

RTRA members can now take advantage of a special 20% discount offer from Trailzone Magazine. A ..

Pinjar Family Trail Alignment Gets Thumbs-Up 14-Sep-2010

Riders testing the alignment on the new 'Family Trail' at Pinjar have given it an average score of 8..

Pinjar Trail Construction Commences 28-Aug-2010

Clearing will commence today (Saturday 28 August) for the new PeeWee and 'Family' trails at the Pinj..

FPC Commences Gnangara Operations 17-Aug-2010

The Forest Products Commission has advised that harvesting operations have now commenced in the Gnan..

RTRA Awarded Two Sustainable Recreation Grants 06-Aug-2010

The Minister for Environment and Youth, Donna Farragher MLC today presented the RTRA with a cheque f..

DEC Non-Commercial Activity Permits 17-Jul-2010

RTRA Members can now access the DEC 'Non-Commercial Activity Permit' from the Members section (/Memb..

Strategy Moving Ahead - in 1st gear 17-Jul-2010

The State Trail Bike Strategy got another mention in Parliament this month. When questioned by Mick..

Ride Group Sent Home from Cundinup 16-Jul-2010

Citing a lack of an appropriate permit, police and DEC officials put an early end to a day's ride or..

Company Fined for Dumping in Gnangara 16-Jun-2010

A northern suburbs bobcat business has been fined $2,000 for dumping building waste at the Gnang..

Gnangara Harvesting Warning 15-Jun-2010

The Forest Products Commission has advised that harvesting in the Gnangara pine forests will occ..

Pickering Brook Road Closure Imminent 15-Jun-2010

RTRA has been advised that the planned closure of Pickering Brook Road will happen shortly. ..

Pinjar Progressing 15-Jun-2010

Master planning for the Pinjar ORV area is progressing, with DEC's landscape architects developing p..

South West Blitz Predicted 15-Jun-2010

We've received a report from members that DEC and the Police are planning a winter blitz through..

Upping the Heat on the State Trail Bike Strategy 15-Jun-2010

Support for the State Trail Bike Strategy is gaining momentum in Parliament House with Tony Simp..

Water research says 'Consider off-road activities in outer catchments' 15-Jun-2010

Research commissioned by the Department of Water has supported the RTRA position that managed us..

Queensland Plantation Forests - Business As Usual 24-May-2010

The Queensland Government this week announced the privatisation of Queensland Plantation Forests. T..

DirtyX Says No to MA 09-May-2010

In our last newsletter we mentioned that the new DirtyX Motocross Park at Tammin (near Cunderdin) wa..

DoT announces Rider Licencing Review 09-May-2010

The Department of Transport has announced a review into motorcycle rider training and licencing. ..

ORV Registration Made Easy 09-May-2010

We've received dozens of enquiries about how to get ORV registration for a dirt bike or quad. T..

Queensland Review gives WA Strategy the Thumbs-Up 09-May-2010

While we wait with decreasing patience for the WA State Government to fully commit to the State Trai..

RTRA Water Submission now a Public Document 09-May-2010

We are finally allowed to publicly release the RTRA submission to the Parliamentary Inquiry into Rec..

Trail Closure - Harvey Area 09-May-2010

DEC has advised that the southern-most trail from Harvey-Quindanning Rd to Kite Rd is closed to all ..

Perth Hills Trails Reference Group 21-Apr-2010

The RTRA has been invited to join the Perth Hills Trails Reference Group coordinated by the Shire of..

National Publicity for RTRA in ADB 07-Apr-2010

The work of the RTRA has received some valuable national publicity with an article in this month..

DirtyX Up and Running 06-Apr-2010

According to their web site the DirtyX Motocross Park at Tammin (near Cunderdin) opened on the E..

Opposition MPs push the State Trail Bike Strategy 06-Apr-2010

With the State Trail Bike Strategy due to be discussed by senior Cabinet ministers this month, ..

Water Catchment Parliamentary Enquiry 12-Apr-2010

RTRA President Steve Pretzel and MWA Executive Director Rick Gill appeared before the Parliamentary ..

RTRA to Appear at Water Catchment Hearing 25-Mar-2010

RTRA President Steve Pretzel and MWA Executive Director Rick Gill have been invited to appear before..

Strategy moves at a snail's pace 24-Mar-2010

The State Trail Bike Strategy is still with the Minister for Sport & Recreation, Terry Waldron. ..

Castrilli Responds 15-Mar-2010

John Castrilli, Minister for Local Government with responsibility for the Control of Vehicles (Off R..

Letter from a Ranger 14-Mar-2010

We recently received a letter from the Senior Ranger at Serpentine-Jarrahdale Shire, Brian Owston. ..

Letter to Minister Castrilli 24-Feb-2010

RTRA has written to Local Government Minister John Castrilli MLA asking him to reconsider his positi..

Noise a problem at Lancelin 16-Feb-2010

After what could best be described as a ‘strained’ relationship with former CEO Simon Fr..

Gingin CEO Terminated 10-Feb-2010

Gingin Shire CEO, Simon Fraser, has had his contract terminated by the Council. Mr Fraser was n..

Response from DEC on Gnangara Enforcement Campaign 10-Feb-2010

Following complaints from members, and reports on our Ranger Contact Reports, RTRA wrote to the ..

RTRA Calls on Minister to Empower Committee 10-Feb-2010

The RTRA believes the Minister for Local Government, John Castrilli is hindering the Off Road Vehicl..

RTRA Invited to Gingin 10-Feb-2010

Gingin Shire council has invited RTRA to meet and discuss the Lancelin Off Road Vehicle Area. R..