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RTRA Management Committee

The current Management Committee was formally elected at the Association's Annual General Meeting held on October 2016.

The committee is: 

Steve Pretzel (Treasurer)
Henry Vurens van Es 
Valerie Pretzel (Secretary)
Keith Farnham
Brett Grandin
Collin Jennings
Xander Kabat (President)
Don Martin
Lauren Mebberson
Paul Neve (Deputy Chair)
Peter Otley
Angel Uruchima


Name: Steve Pretzel

Nickname: Pretz

Age: 58

Family: Married with 1 child

Occupation: Company Director

Current Bike: Husaberg FE450

All Time Favourite Bike: The blue and yellow one.

Riding Background: Started at 13 on a Honda Z50A, progressed through a Kawasaki 75 mini, XR75 then CR125M Elsinore. Raced C Grade motocross in last year of high school (forged birth certificate to get racing licence early), gave up because I couldn't afford a trailer and got sick of completely dismantling the bike to stuff it in the boot of my MkII Cortina. Took it up again five years ago after a weekend ride with West Coast Safaris (had a huge grin for about a week after that one).

Favourite place to ride: South West.

First Race: UW Mini Wheels mini bike club c 1973.

Hobbies: trail bike riding, snow skiing, photography, music (keyboards and drums)

Favourite Food: Omniverous.

Favourite Rider: Most impressive ride I’ve seen was a 13 year old Jeff Liesk annihilating the field at Amaroo Park

Why did you get involved in the RTRA? At a time when trail riding is coming under increasing pressure I saw that no one was representing the interests of the riders. I’m always up for a challenge so I figured I’d try to do something about it.


Name: Henry Vurens van Es

Nickname: Chubbs

Age: 57

Family: 1 x wife and 3 x children 

Occupation: Company Director

Current Bike: Kawasaki KLX 250 but it hasn’t been used for sometime.

All Time Favourite Bike: As above it is the only type of trail bike I have ever ridden or bought.

Riding Background: Started at 17 and have not stopped although I probably use the road bike more these days.

Favourite place to ride: Overseas

First Race: Don't be silly!

Hobbies: Cycling, snowboarding, motorbike riding & the Collingwood Football Club

Favourite Food: I eat anything.

Favourite Rider: Paul Knight becausae he fixes my bike whenever it has a problem and we are out on the trails.

Why did you get involved in the RTRA?: Put something back into a recreational pastime that I enjoy and because I think you guys do a great job and should be supported.


Name: Valerie Pretzel

Nickname: don’t think I have one :-(

Age: none of your business

Family: Married with 1 child

Occupation: Company Director

Current Bike: KTM Freeride 350

All Time Favourite Bike: the one I have at the moment.

Riding Background: was introduced to riding in 2006 by my husband and when my daughter started riding. If you can’t beat them, join them!

Favourite place to ride: South West.

First Race: no racing, just for enjoyment.

Hobbies: snow skiing, trail bike riding, horse riding, travelling, catching up with family & friends.

Favourite Food: Japanese.

Favourite Rider: my husband ... because I don’t know any famous ones!

Why did you get involved in the RTRA?: We started RTRA because trail bike riding has been suffering as a result of riders not presenting a single, united front and speaking with one voice. Whilst other recreational groups are engaging with government about keeping recreational areas open and providing tracks and trails (eg walkers and mountain bikers), we never heard from trail bike riders. Motorcycling WA represents those who race competitively but there was nothing for recreational riders, who are the ones experiencing the issues. I particularly want to get better and more riding areas and trails for families so we can ride legally but have the great riding experiences that we want.
Other trail bike riding involvement: (1) my husband and I started our company Trail Bike Management Australia specifically to tackle the complex issue of resolving trail bike conflicts. This year we have been developing the State Trail Bike Strategy with funding from government. (2) I am on the Off Road Vehicle Advisory Committee which provides advice to the Minister for Local Government on matters pertaining to the off-road vehicle act. 


Name: Keith Farnham

Nickname: Irish

Age: 39

Family: Married, 2 kids (3 and 10)

Occupation: Postie

Current Bike: Beta X-Trainer

All Time Favourite Bike: ZRX1200R

Riding Background: Rode my first bike when I was 3, pw80 that was  a friend of my brothers. My brother was always fixing bikes so was around everything growing up, dt's, yz's, rm's,  but never had my own bike as a kid.
Then had a few roads bikes, fzr250, zx6r, cbr600rr, zrx1200r, 650nk,
Then had a Crf250r that I was introduced to trails on and haven't looked back. But the bike has gone for summer and looking at the new beta xtrainer to work on my skills. 

Favourite place to ride: Being only new to trails I'm still exploring, but West Coast Trail Bike Park is my top pick at the moment. Had a go on the Capel 200 course on the sat and had a blast. So looking forward to hitting the trails.

First Race: N/A

Hobbies: I like to keep fit, camp, bikes, cycling. snowboarding when I can get to it.

Favourite Food: All of it!

Favourite Rider: Jarvis at the moment.

Why did you get involved in the RTRA?: Really liked what they are doing behind the scenes. And thought it would be a great experience to be involved in something I'm passionate about and to meet like minded people.


Name: Brett Grandin


Age: 51

Family: Married, two adult "kids"

Occupation: Delivery Specialist

Current Bike: KTM 400 EXC

All Time Favourite Bike: 

Riding Background: Started riding on the farm as a youngster, then progressed to trail riding/ motocross with some mates. have always owned a dirt bike of some sort. i enjoy getting out with mate to have a social ride and go riding with the family. Enjoy taking my two grandsons out riding and watching the passion build in them.

Favourite place to ride: Dwellingup is a great place to ride. Although my main area is now  metro road. 

First Race: Longreach Qld, 1978

Hobbies: Working on and rebuilding old dirt bikes : presently I have a YZ 80N, 2 xPE175T , Husky XC430 and montesa VB 360 Cappra on the mend. Riding with family

Favourite Food: Rock Road

Favourite Rider: Toby Price

Why did you get involved in the RTRA?: I am passionate about having and maintaining  a strong trail riding environment for all whom enjoy the sport. I also want the future generations top have the opportunity to enjoy what i and many others have enjoyed for years.  


Name: Collin Jennings


Age: Old

Family: Widower; 4 kids; 11 grandkids

Occupation: Retired

Current Bike: 2015 KTM 250 EXCF Six Days

All Time Favourite Bike: 

Riding Background: First Trail Bike 1971 (Honda SL100)
First Enduro competed in 1972 (Suzuki 185)
First Enduro Organised 1974 - Manjimup Club Enduro
Been organising and riding Enduros ever since.

Favourite place to ride: Manjimup / Nannup area

First Race: T&E Club Enduro - GinGin 1972


Favourite Food: Pretty much anything edible

Favourite Rider

Why did you get involved in the RTRA?: To be involved with the team that is fighting for the recreational use of our forests.


Name: Alexander Kabat

Nickname:  Xander

Age: 44

Family: Married

Occupation: Owner, Overlander Adventure Equipment

Current Bike:  Honda XRV750 Africa Twin

All Time Favourite Bike:  Honda XRV750 Africa Twin Marathon (no did not own it)

Riding Background: I started when i was 5yrs old and never took more then a year off. I have raced (local stuff) both enduro, moto-cross and navigation rallies. I was never very good but always had a lot of fun.

Favourite place to ride:  I have ridden around the world, so I have far far too many to list.

First Race: Massachusetts under 8s

Hobbies: Bikes, Photography, Motorcycle modifying.

Favourite Food:  I just love food.

Favourite Rider:  My wife Tam

Why did you get involved in the RTRA?:  The RTRA is the most important organisation for the future of non-competitive in Western Australia, how could i not try and be a part of it. 


Name: Don Martin

Nickname: Mentelle

Age: 40

Family: 2 x kids

Occupation: Civil Designer

Current Bike: KTM 300

All Time Favourite Bike: Rockhopper

Riding Background: Grew up in Toodyay so would ride anything from an early age.  Graduated to road bikes, then track bikes at Barbagello.  Used to surf a lot but was getting a bit dangerous so took up a safer sport - racing Enduro.

Favourite place to ride: Peru and Mongolia

First Race: Was the strongest swimming sperm

Hobbies: Will ride any time I can

Favourite Food: Any protein

Favourite Rider: Toby Price and #46 Valentino Rossi

Why did you get involved in the RTRA?: Want to help out wherever I can


Name: Lauren Mebberson


Age: 28

Family: Single

Occupation: Operator

Current Bike: 2014 KTM 250 EXC Six Fays

All Time Favourite Bike:

Riding Background: 4 years.

Favourite place to ride: 

First Race: 


Favourite Food

Favourite Rider

Why did you get involved in the RTRA?: Keen to help out


Name: Paul Neve


Age: 50



Current Bike: 

All Time Favourite Bike:

Riding Background: 

Favourite place to ride: 

First Race: 


Favourite Food

Favourite Rider

Why did you get involved in the RTRA?:


Name: Peter Otley


Age: 42

Family: Married, 3 kids

Occupation: Motorcycle Mechanic

Current Bike: WR 450

All Time Favourite Bike: WR 426

Riding Background: Started at 10 with brother when got a 'basket case' bike and re-assembled it.  Started riding in the bush and just never stopped trading up.

Favourite place to ride: Remore areas on and off road

First Race: Nil

Hobbies: Dirt bike riding, road riding, fishing, shooting, light mountain bike riding, water slides building motorcycles

Favourite Food: Spaghetti bolognese

Favourite Rider: Too many to list

Why did you get involved in the RTRA?: To be part of the solution to fix the lack of safe and legal riding in WA


Name: Angel Uruchima


Age: 33

Family: Married, baby boy

Occupation: Engineer

Current Bike: 300EXC (yes, it is orange)

All Time Favourite Bike: 250 XCW

Riding BackgroundStarted riding during the summer of 2012 as a way to break away from work and relief stress. I have taken riding more seriously after my first ride (Honda CRF250X) as I couldn't hang on for longer than 20 minutes...i can only say that I have significantly improved, took on a few endures and hare scrambles and I even own a street bike. Riding is now a great hobby that I look forward to practice every weekend.

Favourite place to rideSouth America, California and Nevada

First Race: 2013

HobbiesRiding, riding, riding, photography, traveling

Favourite Food: Seco de Pollo

Favourite Rider: Kurt Caselli

Why did you get involved in the RTRA?: I would like to continue to support any opportunity to build upon this sport and hobby through programs that organisations like RTRA can enable for others.


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